Dougherty Co. Schools emphasize campus security during break

After several students and staff members walked in Tuesday to vandalism in Turner County, we were curious what Dougherty Co. School Police are doing to keep school campuses safe during Christmas break.

"We make sure all of our buildings are secure, and of course nothing is 100 percent, so somebody could still break into one of the schools but they're running the risk of being captured on camera...they're going to activate an alarm and we have officers out there," said J.C. Phillips, Dougherty Co. Schools

Phillips says that Dougherty Co. has seen a few vandalism cases but that students and others aren't too wise to try it.

"Occasionally we have kids or people that will break into the schools but each time it's happened, they've been captured on video and they've been apprehended," he said.

"Kids are gonna be kids," Roy Carr said.

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