Dougherty Co. school teaches students nutrition for national campaign

Superintendent Joshua Murfree says he wants First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign to recognize Dougherty County Schools

Northside Elementary students filed into the gym to learn the importance of balanced meals. On Friday, the school concluded National Child Nutrition Week with a celebration of their own.

"This is an elementary school and the foundation starts here, K through 5, where students need to learn to eat healthy because we have a problem with childhood obesity," says Northside Elementary Principal Sangela Shumate.

Childhood obesity is First Lady Michelle Obama's mission with her "Let's Move" campaign. Superintendent Joshua Murfree says he wants to see her recognize Dougherty County Schools for their positive efforts.

Child Nutrition Services Cafeteria Manager Janet Lewis says the schools do offer nutritious meals. She says they offer a salad bar, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, string cheese, fruit and milk and the kids love it.

Previously the school served white bread rolls but now give out wheat and whole grain breads.

While children may be learning about nutrition and eating healthy at school, that same message isn't always carried when they leave school and head home.

"The [Let's Move] campaign says whatever we're doing here, let's do some things very similarly at home," says Murfree

He says that it's important that kids eat three scheduled meals a day: at school and at home.

"The other piece is awareness: Making sure that the family knows, making sure that the community knows in terms of what we're trying to do in the system," says Murfree.

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