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      Dougherty Co. EMS looks back on 2013

      As we approach the end of the year and one of the busiest times to travel, Dougherty County Emergency Medical Services says they received fewer 911 calls than usual this year.

      "It may be a little slower call volume-wise for this year compared to last year but we're still higher than most surrounding counties," said Hayward Allen, Paramedic Assistant Supervisor for Dougherty Co. EMS.

      Dougherty County received more than 2,000 emergency calls in 2012 and 20,000 in 2013. He says during the holidays, car accidents are more common.

      Contessa Cleveland says when traveling, she keeps a few things in mind.

      "Being safe during the holidays is what you should normally do on a daily basis. Buckling seat belts, no texting and driving; just a million and one things you can help not only with yourself but helping others around you drive," Cleveland said.

      Allen encourages all drivers to be observant and if you see an emergency vehicle, whether it's police, fire, or EMS, slow down and pull to the side of the road.