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      Doors remain open at Irwin County Detention Center

      A judge has officially ruled to keep the doors open at the Irwin County Detention Center.The center was set to close after the company that owned it failed to pay property taxes in 2010 and 2011 and filed for bankruptcy.A federal bankruptcy judge accepted a bid from Carter Global Lee which promised to keep the facility open, saving 200 jobs.The president of the Ocilla Chamber of Commerce says not only does this facility provide jobs for the community, it pays utilities and taxes and is a huge asset to their local economy.She also said the people that work there who come from other cities stop and get gas, food, and spend money in Ocilla, helping their local economy.Right now their unemployment rate is around 11.6% and without the facility would've jumped to 12%; the chamber president said it would've been absolutely devastating.Those who work with the city and county have made a promise to their residents to do everything they can to keep this facility open.

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