Don't get cheated when giving to charity

Georgia Gives Day website / Jessica Fairley

Thursday is designated as Georgia Gives Day. The day is meant for people to donate money to a non-profit of their choice.

Although officials want you to give, they also want you to be wise and research where your funds are going.

"A lot of people get taken advantage of during the holidays and we're just trying to bring awareness to that," said Brian Kemp, Georgia Secretary of State.

Brian Kemp says people should take time to review the company's website to make sure they are a legitimate non-profit organization.

"We just want to make sure that when people give, they are giving to organizations that are actually doing as they say for what their name may say," said Brian Kemp.

Those who don't have a specific charity to give to but want to donate can go to the website and start there.

Habitat for Humanity is among the organizations listed.

"All the funds donated tomorrow through the Georgia Gives site will be matched three times by the SunTrust Foundation. So in other words if somebody gives a dollar, we're actually getting four dollars," said Caroline Pile, Business Director for Flint River Habitat for Humanity.

If one dollar equals $4, then $10 equals $40 set aside for nails, light fixtures or flooring for new homes.

Flint River Habitat will start new construction on two homes in January for two handicap accessible homes. Organizers are hoping many people donate on Georgia Gives Day for the cause.

For those who want to check out other non-profit organizations to see if they are legitimate, several websites are available. The Better Business Bureau ( and Guide Star ( provides detailed information about non-profit organizations.

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