Don't forget to get a rabies vaccine

Photo Credit: Todd Bailey

Tuesday night, a Dougherty County Police officer shot and killed a fox that was infected with rabies.

The latest case of rabies has the Dougherty County Public Health Department surveying the Willow Nook community just off of Sylvester Road for unvaccinated pets.

James Davis with Dougherty County Enviromental Health says "right now what we're doing is trying to educate the people in the neighborhood and let them know what's going on there. There were a couple of homes that actually had no idea of what transpired."

This doesn't happen everyday. Cases like this are not common at all," said Davis.

Veterinarian Dr. Dockery says keep an eye on your yard and the animals in it.

"Animals aren't and shouldn't be seen during the days are foxes and raccoons and these should be night feeders and they've been and can become, very aggressive and attack you or your pet" said Dockery.

And pay attention to the demeanor of your pet.

Dockery adds "it's a neurological disease of the brain and these animals are totally confused. They can become aggressive, their jaws get paralyzed, and they can drink and that's the reason they solvate because there tongue is paralyzed."

But above all else, to keep your family and pet safe, vets say one shot is all you need.

"It very important that all dogs and cats are vaccinated for rabies. It's real simple and inexpensive. It's the law it should be done once a year," said Dockery.

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