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      Donations help with rebuilding after fires

      In December alone, FOX 31 has reported on five house fires, whether a home was burned to the ground, or the damage was isolated to a particular part of the building, a fire can devastate a family. It's times like that, where American Red Cross takes action.

      "People do pretty well but others are so upset they're hard to talk to, the main thing is to try to talk to them a little bit and try to let them know there's some help available," said Red Cross volunteer Arthur Shipley.

      The Red Cross has specially trained teams, known as Disaster Action Teams (DAT), who go out and assist the family in need.

      A DAT team can provide assistance in obtaining food, clothing and shelter.

      In total, they have given over $81,000 to 342 local families, in 2012; t hat TMs an average year.

      The Disaster Action Team is there to provide more then financial support.

      "When you have a fire, your minds not thinking the exact way that it normally does it's our job to help aid in that families recovery," says Nigel Poole.

      That includes reminding them to notify their insurance company, stop mail delivery and shut off the electric. They also ... a few things a family wouldn't normally think of.

      Just reminding them, hey did you get your medicine, if you didn't this is what you need to do, contact your pharmacy, take a copy of their fire report with them.

      If you would like to become a part of a Disaster Action Team or donate to the Red Cross.