Donation to help enhance new Chehaw bike trail

The Pecan Peddlers donated 2011 Nut Roll proceeds to Chehaw Parks / Sarah Bleau

The 7.1-mile mountain bike trail is a new venture at Chehaw Parks, and with the help of a $5,000 donation they plan to enhance it.

The Pecan Peddlers visited the park Thursday afternoon to give Chehaw the check. The money was raised during the annual Nut Roll bike race in September.

The Pecan Peddlers say they wanted to give the proceeds to Chehaw Parks in appreciation for allowing them to use the bike trail.

"What we want to do is enhance this whole area and make it more attractive for the bicycle folks to come out. We'll have new signage, we're going to have designated parking areas and some kind of attractive entryway into the mountain bike trail," says Doug Porter, Executive Director of Chehaw Parks.

More than 300 riders turned out for September's Nut Roll race. Chehaw has been hosting the bike race for the eight years the Nut Roll has existed.