Donated water running low in Sasser

remaining water.

It's a story that FOX 31 has been reporting on for about two weeks, people in southwest Georgia living with no water. Due to the drought, many people are facing well problems.

Those who could afford to repair their wells got them fixed, but those who aren't as fortunate have been relying on friends, family, and donations to get by.

The Second Harvest Food Bank dropped off over 1600 gallons of water for those suffering in the Sasser area.

As an update, most of those boxes of water are gone and folks at the Sasser Flea Market said they are seeing more people in need.

"The people are still coming and getting the water here and I think the area is more widespread than what we initially thought," said Sasser Flea Market owner Dee West, "I'm having people come from farther off to get water because their wells have gone dry."

Dee West said during this time of need most of the people are pulling together to help each other.