Don Buie trial recessed until Monday

Buie's wife Shanon on the stand Wednesday

Testimony resumed Friday morning in Don Buie's trial, but court proceedings are now in recess until Monday morning. The prosecution has not rested its case.

Buie's wife Shanon took the stand late Thursday afternoon and testified she didn't do some of the work Buie paid her for. Shanon Buie says she did work for her husband planning a First Friday event, but told the jury she didin't know why invoices said she rented sound and lighting equipment because that never happened. Buie, who has pleaded guilty to theft by taking, says she started working for her husband because they were having financial troubles. She says Buie assured her he could hire his wife.

"He told me that he was CEO of ADICA and that ADICA had some sort of a fund basically where they pull for events and marketing and it was to his discretion who he worked with for that and everything that happened through ADICA was cleared by the board," Buie testified.

However, ADICA Board Members James Griffin and Phil Cannon testified Wednesday that Buie never cleared it with the board and did not know Buie was writing checks to his wife.

Nicole Brown was back on the stand as well Wednesday. Buie's lawyer Johnnie Graham cross-examined Brown about an affidavit she signed that alleged she gave Buie a $1,600 kickback. Brown then signed another affidavit saying she didn't.

"I only did that because at the time I was trying to protect him and I was under the assumption that he was gonna protect me as well" said Brown.

City Finance Director Kris Newton and Buie's former assistant Monique Broughton also took the stand Thursday.

Testimony resumes at 9 a.m. Monday.