Dollar Inn raid yields possibly stolen goods

Robert Green and Demarcus Cook. / Dougherty County Jail

Two suspected criminals are facing jail time after police raided their hotel rooms Friday afternoon.

Demarcus 'Georgia Boy' Cook, 31, and Robert Green, 58, were staying at the Dollar Inn in north Albany.

The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit conducted a raid on their three hotel rooms after a three week investigation.

Police recovered methamphetamine and cocaine. They also found counterfeit money printed out in $100 and $20 bills.

Albany police officials were contacted when drug agents came upon a room filled with car parts, computers and flat screen televisions.

Major Bill Berry with the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit said evidence showed that Demarcus Cook and Robert Green were accepting car parts in exchange for drug payments.

Officials believe the items found in rooms 146, 141, and 142 at the Dollar Inn may be stolen.

"The evidence is linked to several burglaries and thefts that occurred recently in the city of Albany," said Detective Darryl Jones, Albany Police Department.

Albany police officials are encouraging possible victims to come forward.

Cook and Green are both charged with drug possession and forgery. Police say after two shootings, this raid at the Dollar Inn is an attempt to help stop crime.

"What we're trying to do is clamp down because they've had a lot of unfortunate incidences up there and they either need to clean their act up or shut down," said Major Bill Berry, Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander.

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