Dog owner says his bulldogs are not fighters

Carey Culbert looks out over his yard where he used to keep his bulldogs / Ashley Knight

A Dougherty County man has had his 20 bulldogs taken away from him on suspicion of dog fighting, but officers never found evidence. Now he says he shouldn't have to pay the $4,000 to get them back.

On March 20th, Dougherty County officers responded to an anonymous call about two of Culbert's dogs fighting at 3:00 a.m. The dogs were then carted off to the humane society.

"They didn't give me a chance to talk to them, they didn't give me a chance to explain to them, they didn't give me a chance to show," says Culbert.

He says one dog got loose and started attacking another, but says they've never fought before. According to a police report, officers found dogs with scars and swollen faces. Culbert's neighbor says the dogs are docile.

"I've never seen the dogs be vicious at no time, that's all I can say about it," says neighbor Richard Bishop.

Officers did not find any dog fighting paraphernalia, but say it was more the living conditions of the dogs they were concerned with. Reports say the dog's chains may have been too heavy or too short. They saw living quarters littered with feces and some water bowls empty or shallow. Culbert was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals, but maintains his dogs are well taken care of.

"They're not mangy, they're not skinny, they're healthy. They're energetic."

Culbert was given 20 days to come up with $4,000, however time ran out Monday. They are now considered property of the state and may be "disposed of in a humane manner".