Dog attack sends one to hospital

One of the dogs that reportedly attacked a Worth County man on Saturday afternoon. / Sherri Hendley

Officials with the, Best Friends Humane Society of Worth County are reporting that a man was attacked by three dogs Saturday sending him to the hospital.

39-year-old Michael Towell fell victim to the attack while he was looking to rent a property near 708 Woodcrest Road in Worth County. Officials report that Towell stepped out of the home along with his wife, and mother-in-law when the dogs attacked him. Towell's mother-in-law phoned 911 while the attack was in progress.

A neighbor reportedly then shot the most aggressive animal, killing it, and shot another that ran off and is still being searched for by authorities.

Four deputies were called to the scene, along with two animal control officers (Sherri Hendley and Greg Yoder) who took the remaining dog into custody, along with two other K-9's who were not involved in the attack.

Sherri Hendley of the, Best Friends Human Society, stated that the animals had chewed through their leashes while their owner was away and that's what allowed them to attack Towell.

Towell was rushed to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital where he is currently recovering from the injuries sustained during the attack. For more on this story, tune in to FOX 31 News Weekend at 10:00 PM.