Does leading a loving life bring you longevity?

Freda Cochran claps along to the birthday song for her 103rd birthday

/ Colby Gallagher

Family members and churchgoers met at the First Southern Baptist Church to celebrate the birth of a dedicated member, but this wasn't like any other birthday.

Three children, seven grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and extended family members surrounded Freda Cochran as she cut the cake celebrating her 103rd birthday this afternoon.

Cochran, whose birthday is May 31st, is a pivotal member in her family whose gratitude and love for her was evident as she opened gifts and read cards.

"Oh, she's great! I think all of us would hope that we can one day be like her. She's an excellent role model, she just is everything anybody would want to be," said Cochran's granddaughter, Jaycie Holland.

Cochran's family members believe she has been blessed with a long life because of her dedication to God and the way she's always treated others with dignity and respect.