Does Albany need bigger Vets day celebration?

On the day after Veterans Day that people in Albany held their biggest celebration.

"It's a veteran's weekend, there's nothing every done here formally in Albany as far as a parade or a celebration and we started this around 2008 and this is our fourth year," said Paul Murray, a Vietnam vet.

They brought out the Marine Band, bikers and some barbeque as a way to say thank you to the men and women who have and will continue to serve.

"I'm proud to be an American veteran. I'd do it again. We need more," said another Vietnam vet. John Monroe.

Organizers say Albany is a military town would like to see a bigger showing of appreciation.

"We need to get the public together and contact the city and county commissioners to say 'hey let's do something formal. Savannah has it, Tallahassee, Atlanta and Panama City," said Murray.

Still today's is a token of appreciation that goes a long way considering not too long ago there wasn't a lot of thanks going to our servicemen.

"When I came back I was greeted at the airport and spit on and called names. I was embarrassed to even wear the uniform," said Murray.

"Now people are coming around and say thanks for your service and we get a whole lot of recognition now," said Monroe.

And on top of the thanks they were also giving back. With admission for lunch and a silent auction all the money raised went to the Lily Pad.

"They're an advocate against child abuse and the children are our future so we voted to support lily pad with services in probably over 30 counties," said Murray.