Doctor's office vs.. hospital, doctors weigh-in

Phoebe Director of the Family Medicine Residency, George Fredrick. / Jessica Fairley

Local doctors say when parents, especially new parents, are faced with a sick or hurt child, it's best to know where to go to get the child the proper care.

Phoebe's Director of the Family Medicine Residency, George Fredrick, says for routine care it's best to contact a doctor's office because emergency rooms are not equipped to provide preventive services.

He says simple illnesses like runny noses, sore throats, coughs and congestion can be handled at a doctor's office, if they are open. If they're not, he says it's best to check out an urgent care center.

Dr. Fredrick says something like asthma attacks or a deep cut may need more serious attention.

"If there's heavy bleeding, you may not want to wait to go to the doctor's office. You may want to go right to the emergency room or the urgent care so they can handle it a little quicker," said Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Director of Family Medicine Residency George Fredrick.

He says parents who are unsure of whether to take their child to the doctor's office or emergency room should contact a physician for advice.

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