Doctors inspire students at Merry Acres Middle

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Family Medicine Doctor Dr. Jimmy Malik. / Jessica Fairley

Merry acres academy of medical arts students were introduced to Phoebe medical professionals who gave them a glimpse into what life may be like if they choose a future in medicine.

The students sat in the school's cafeteria dressed in their black scrubs and tuned-in to hear about the path set before them.

One of Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital's physicians started out by lightening the mood.

"I said get into medicine because you get to wear your scrubs every day; you get to wear your pajamas to work. How cool is that?" said Phoebe Family Medicine Physician Dr. Jimmy Malik.

But putting the jokes aside, He says it's a long road and it takes hard work to become a doctor.

"You don't have to be a genius but you do have to have a good strong work ethic," said Dr. Jimmy Malik.

With the reality of the workload ahead, Merry Acres students say they're determined.

Future Dr. India Aaron is aspiring to be an emergency room surgeon and Merry Acres is set up to help her and others achieve their goals.

"We're learning in medical arts how to talk to our patients and I feel that I'll be able to talk to my patients and be able to communicate and make them feel trusted in me," said Merry Acres Middle Magnate Academy of Medical Arts student India Aaron.

The school has a studio built as a nursing station for learning. Students are able to work with medical dummies, hospital beds, and medical textbooks.

"Recently we learned about communication and how to work together," said Kamia Green, who is also a member of the Academy of Medical Arts program.

Although the aspiring doctors have many years of schooling to go, they hold a passion similar to what drove current professionals to the medical field.