DOCO students missing essential learning tool

The school board discusses students without books in school. / Jessica Fairley

Board of Education officials say after over a month in school many students still don't have books. They say over one thousand are unaccounted for.

For a student it can be hard to get work done, if you don't have all the tools, books especially. However students across Dougherty County are finding themselves without.

"It's imperative that the system get the books to the students so that they be properly educated," said Dougherty County Board of Education Member David Maschke.

In the school board meeting, officials discussed what could have caused the shortage. Whether they under estimated student to book ratio or whether they were simply misplaced?

Dougherty County leaders say those in charge should take charge and if they don't, their job may be in jeopardy.

"If a person doesn't do his or her job in issuing the books and they are found to not be giving the students the books then I'm sure Dr. Murfree will take the appropriate action," said Rev. James Bush, Dougherty County Board of Education Chairman.

He says for right now Superintendant Dr. Joshua Murfree Jr. is coming up with a plan to make sure this doesn't happen again next year. Bush says they want to get a head count of what's missing and go from there.

"Parents, teachers, and administrators that know books that are needed should call down to the superintendants office and make a report so that they can be followed up immediately," Maschke said.