DOCO sex offenders excluded from Halloween

No Halloween for sex offenders with curfew. / Jessica Fairley

Dougherty County officials want parents to know they are working to keep sexual predators away so that each child can enjoy their Halloween holiday.

"State probation has a curfew as a part of all of their sex offenders that is often part of the actual sentence," says Dougherty County Sheriff's Captain Craig Dodd.

Those who have a curfew and are considered a danger to children will be rounded up and taken off the streets. They'll be housed away from the festivities.

"We will be up there with some of the probation officers keeping an eye on things," says Craig Dodd.

One Albany parent says taking the sexual predators off the street is a step in the right direction.

"If one child's not hurt because of this, it's worth it," says Robert Bailey.

Bailey commends authorities for their efforts but going door to door with his children isn't a risk he's willing to take.

But he says although his children won't go trick or treating, he'll make sure they don't miss out on the festivities.

"A lot of churches now celebrate, have parties and church games. Whether it's at the church or someone's home and that's the way that I want to bring my kids up," says Bailey.

This not only keeps in line with his faith, but it's also a safe alternative.

"My kids at my church know most of the adults. So you don't have to worry about people walking up on them that they've never seen before," says Bailey.

Just as he takes precaution to monitor his children's surroundings, officials say every parent should do the same.