DOCO school system to start anew in New Year

Dougherty County School Board members are sworn-in by Probate Court Judge Nancy Stevenson. / Jessica Fairley

Incoming Dougherty County School Board members were sworn-in Friday afternoon by Probate Court Judge Nancy Stevenson.

Dr. Lane Price and Robert Youngblood stood with School Board Chair James Bush in a vow to do right by the school system.

Board members say they're moving past the issues of 2012 that includes the CRCT investigations and the misuse of Title I funds.

"We're already on the way. We're looking for a good interim superintendent who can come in and straighten out to the extent that we can start with a clean slate," said Dr. Lane Price, DCSS School Board at Large.

The three school board members agree with the urgency of naming an interim superintendent, which also explains the early swearing-in ceremony.

"They wouldn't be able to vote if they hadn't been sworn-in by the probate judge. So we elected to go ahead and schedule this so that they'd be prepared to meet the necessity of having the special scheduled meeting prior to the time that they would normally be sworn-in," said Tommy Coleman, DCSS Attorney.

School board incumbent Velvet Riggins was absent from the ceremony, but officials say it won't affect her ability to vote.

"Even if she can't be sworn-in before the first of the year, she'll be able to vote because she's already an incumbent," said Coleman.

Incumbents for the state of Georgia maintain their office until their successor is sworn in.

As the group prepares to make a decision on the future leader of the school system, they look to put education first, with the help of the people.