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      Do you know what to do when there's a high speed chase?

      If you're driving down the road and a high speed chase happens, would you know what to do?

      For Anthony Harvey, driving a vehicle that holds up to eighteen people at one time is something he doesn't take lightly.

      Anthony Harvey says, "their lives are in your hands. You can't have nothing else on your mind but driving."

      And being on such dangerous roads he understands that you never know what you might be faced with.

      "Look for anything that's out the ordinary. If I hear sirens coming down the roads, I constantly look around me," says Harvey.

      Georgia State Trooper Daniel Trooper says drivers should be on high alert because in the past year, the number of high speed chases has increased, making more people a target for danger.

      He adds although there's usually no indication that a high speed chase is happening until it's too late, just move over.

      "Clear out of the road, clear out of the way and let us do our job," says Trooper Joiner.

      And if a high speed chase happens to end in your neighborhood, he says don't try to help or get involved, just dial 911.

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