Do you know school bus laws?

Do you know the laws when it comes to school buses? / File

School is back in session and some want to remind parents and drivers of safety measures they need to observe when you see that big yellow bus.

"All of our crossing areas or school zones are indicated as, travel should be no more than 25 miles per hour," says Chief Troy Conley of the Dougherty County School Police.

Director of Transportation, Kenneth Williams says that's because children of any age can be unpredictable.

"With small kids or kids in general, they're liable to do anything at any time, so we need to make sure that drivers keep an eye out for all children," says Williams.

Another tip--students need to stay at least 12 to 15 feet away from the curb at the bus stop.

"The driver can have an opportunity to look around and make sure that if there any passing cars, the car is not going to obey the stop arm, that they will make sure that they are safe," says Williams.

And you may want to think twice before passing a school bus while their stop arm is out, police say they can ticket you for that.

"Oh yes, most definitely. The city and county police, they assist us in enforcing the state laws," says Chief Conley.

And that's just what they are: laws, not suggestions.

"They've been on the books for a number of years and we just ask that the drivers honor that."

If you haven't done so, you can also click here to register your child for the bus.