Do video games lead to violence?

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The recent highly publicized shooting across the county many people pointing fingers, with some of the blame ending up on video games.

Over the years video games have become more realistic, more lifelike, and more violent. So what affect does spending hours shooting and killing have on a young gamer?

"A child's socialization is decreased and it also teaches children that the only way to problem solve a problem is through aggression," says Lisa Spears with Aspire Outpatient Child and Adolescent Services.

In fact, both the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Psychological Association have concluded that playing violent video games can lead to aggressive behavior toward others.

Experts say it's hard for children to distinguish between fantasy and reality. When 7-year-old Mason started playing Call of Duty, against his cousin online, his parents made sure he knows where the game stops and real life starts.

"I'll say why do you like the game, and he's like well you shoot people, and I was like well you know that's not real and he's like yea I know it's not real...try to distinguish reality from fantasy," said John Holsinger, Masons father.

Mason's father says his son knows the difference between right and wrong, and polices himself while playing games online.

Mason says he leaves game if people continue to curse, and he'll report them is the inappropriate behavior doesn't stop.

While experts say it would be great to have more regulations on video games it really comes down to parental involvement

"When it's all said and down I think as parents we just need to be really actively involved in what's going on with our kids," explained Spears.

As for Mason, his parents share that belief, and stay involved not only with his video game playing, but in all aspects of his life.