Do teens understand the dangers of texting and driving?

A new study shows few teens find texting and driving as severe as drunk driving

As a federal Department of Transportation summit on distracted driving is taking place in Washington D.C., a new survey shows teens don't understand that texting and driving can be just as severe as drunk driving.

Majority of the 14 to 17-year-olds surveyed agree that drunk driving could be fatal, but only about 36% of that same group believes texting and driving could lead to death.

Officials say teens don't understand the dangers, because they've never lived without the technology.

Dougherty County Police Lieutenant Tom Jackson say the more a phone can do, the more dangerous it is. "They're texting, they're emailing, they're two-waying, and they may even be using them for GPS so it's become a major distraction within the vehicle," says Jackson.

Officials say texting and driving is just as deadly as driving drunk because it diverts your attention.

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