DNR relocates fish from Ocmulgee Public Fishing Area for repairs

Largemouth Bass jumping from water / MGN Online

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources collected fish from the Ocmulgee Public Fishing Area due to a closure to fully address and make preparations to repair detected leaks in the main lake according to a release.

Approximately 150 older bass went to Paradise Public Fishing Area while younger bass will be held at hatcheries to re-stock Ocmulgee PFA after the repairs.

"While the closure of one area, albeit only temporary, is a difficult decision, I am pleased that we are able to continue to offer great fishing opportunities, including these additional Ocmulgee PFA bass, at another public fishing area, such as Paradise," said Fisheries region supervisor Bert Deener in the press release.

The Ocmulgee PFA bass were stocked into 50-acre Lake Paradise. That lake, just like Ocmulgee PFA, is catch-and-release only for bass. Anglers cannot possess bass, even if caught from another lake, while fishing on Lake Paradise. Anglers may possess species other than bass in Lake Paradise, according to length and creel limits.

"Paradise Public Fishing Area already has a great bass population with quite a few trophies, but certainly will be enhanced by the addition of 150 plus bass between five and ten pounds," Deener said in the release.

Paradise PFA is located on 1,351 gently rolling acres in Berrien and Tift counties. Sixty lakes totaling 525 acres provide excellent boat and bank fishing; and more than 350 acres of water are intensively managed for fishing.