Dive team speeds up recovery time

Albany Fire Department officials have a new tool to use in the event of a drowning.

Fire officials have been pre-approved for a new dive team.

This will be the first trained dive team for Albany.

Officials say usually when a drowning death occurs, if they can't use drag hooks to search for a body, they have to seek help from outside agencies.

With a local dive team, Albany Fire Department divers can search for a missing person, thus shortening the recovery time.

"It's not the most pleasant thing for the families to have to endure when they have a loved one that drowned in one of our bodies of water. So hopefully with the dive team, we can least minimize that exposure that they have to go through," said Chief James Carswell, Albany Fire Department.

Chief Carswell says the team can also be used by outside agencies in search and rescue efforts.

The dive team will receive training through the upcoming fall. Fire officials say the team should be ready for action by next summer.