Dish network scam update

Only 11 DVR's have been turned over to police.

Dougherty County Sheriff's investigators say a handful of stolen DVR'S have been turned in.

The DVR'S were uncovered as a part of a dish network scam and the arrest of 30-year-old Bob Thornton who had allegedly been running it. Deputies say if you received a DVR from Thornton and think it may be stolen you have until Monday to turn it in.

"We did say that we would not prosecute anybody that brought them in voluntarily. However, if they get put on a dumpster on Krug avenue over by dish network and somebody comes along before they're found the next morning then we're not going to know these people brought them in," said Captain Craig Dodd.

The investigations division is located at 225 Pine Avenue on the bottom floor of the courthouse.