Disabled man's life claimed in Sylvester fire

      The structure was completely destroyed in the fire. / FOX 31

      UPDATED STORY 10/6/12:

      Investigators have ruled this fire as an arson.

      Authorities have arrested 31-year-old Michael Carlisle, who is being charged with murder and first degree arson.

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      ORIGINAL STORY 10/5/12:

      An early morning blaze in Sylvester leaves one person dead and another injured.

      48-year-old, disabled man, Gregory Fulghm, was found dead inside the home of his girl friend, 64-year-old Betty Booth Bigler, at 5407 Fortune Street.

      Bigler sustained injuries in the fire, and was transported to Augusta Burn Center for treatment.

      Investigators say the cause of the fire is undetermined, but is believed to be electrical.