Did Roderick Jolivette violate policy?

Warrant states Jolivette said he was a firefighter and had ID

Dialogue found in city emails between City Manager Al Lott, Fire Chief James Carswell, and Human Resources Director Mary Lamont shows that some are questioning whether Jolivette violated his performance improvement plan. Those emails, which FOX 31 News obtained through an open records request, list articles from the Albany Fire Department's rules and regulations. Some such as "section two, article four" states that fire department uniforms shall not be worn off duty, and "section four, article three" states that all members shall not engage in any activity which would reflect a bad image on the department.

The Chattahoochee County Sheriff's Department says that Jolivette was wearing his Albany Fire Department uniform during the traffic stop. A copy of the warrant issued to Jolivette states that he told Chattahoochee County deputies that he worked for the Albany Fire Department and only had his fire I.D. on him. In "section four, article eight" of the same rules and regulations, it states that no member of the department shall use the authority, name, badge or uniform of the department for any other purpose except those permitted by the department. Meanwhile when it comes to Jolivette's recent arrest, citizens say its hard to believe he is completely innocent.

"No matter who you know it doesn't matter, it's how fast you were going and then to pull rank because I know people in rank, it's not fair to the people in rank so I think frankly it's pretty cut and dry that they should not give him any opportunity â" whatsoever," said Matt Meier.

"I would just say we need to get some Christian people in office and I think it would be a whole lot better. Anytime you're dishonest that's wrong I guess, it's the city's only recourse is to suspend him," said Lonnie Clay.

And some taxpayers say the city's decision to keep Jolivette on the payroll after his suspension pending a possible indictment or review of his charges by a third party may be wrong as well.

"When you run the business like the city you just got to make a decision and stick by it. You just tiptoe around and everything, nobody made a decision, that's a bad decision," said Floyd Herman.

Editor's Note: Information for this story was provided by the city of Albany, the Dougherty County Sheriff's Department, the Chattahoochee County Sheriff's Department and the Chattahoochee County District Attorney's Office.