Devastating weather damage in Vada, Ga.

Photo Credit: Todd Bailey

A family in Vada, Georgia is continuing cleanup after a tornado ripped their home apart.

Jocelyn Hahn and a team consisting of her son, husband, and friends worked all day Saturday to clear piles of debris left scattered over her yard.

"When we see how much damage was done it's upsetting but my husband and I are alive, that's the important thing and this is just material things. It's not everything," said Hahn.

The Hahn family had lived in the home for only one year before the natural disaster happened.

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While covering the damage, Fox 31 saw roofs torn off of houses, cars flipped, and personal belongings scattered everywhere. We interviewed multiple homeowners in the area to find out what happened and where they go from here on the road to recovery.

A funnel cloud was spotted early Saturday morning in Vada, Georgia. Vada is in Decatur County.

Just after 9 AM Saturday morning, the Hahn family on Vada Road was watching news coverage of a twister that hit Indiana. This prompted them to take a look outside.

"My husband said get in there, we saw a funnel cloud coming our way out in the field and we ran into the bedroom and huddled together on the floor and heard the wind crashing," said Vada resident .

Her husband says what happened next was unbelievable.

"The building was shaking seconds after that; you could say it was instantaneous," said Christian Hahn.

Tornadoes are a scary thing, it happens so quickly that you don't really experience anything until you go out see the devastation.

"Were both okay that's the main thing. We have great neighbors that have came right after it happened to see if we were okay," said Hahn.

Vada resident and neighbor, Mike Herrell, says "thirty seconds and it was over. When it hit, I saw my next door neighbor's house just explode."

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