Despite study, teen sex safety still a problem in Dougherty County

nearly 5 percent of girls, ages 10 to 19, are getting pregnant in Dougherty County

It's being called the largest study on American sexual behavior in more than 15 years.

Among the findings, teens are now more than twice as likely as adults to use condoms during casual sex.

But according to experts, in Dougherty County it's a different picture.

"I'm not really sure that the rate of condom use is particularly high, because what we are seeing are very high pregnancy rates. We're seeing high std rates," said Dougherty County Teen Center Director Debra Willingham.

Pregnancy rates are so high that nearly 5 percent of girls, ages 10 to 19, are getting pregnant.

A student who just graduated from Monroe High says some teens treat child bearing as a fad.

"Some people get pregnant together. They'll all be pregnant. You'll see a whole little crowd of them just walking around pregnant," said Lakesha Lucas.

Willingham says many teens may use condoms occasionally, but not every time, and a lot of times they don't use them correctly.

"Young people now they have so much information. That they think they know what they need to do. But the reality is that the information that they have is somewhat shallow," said Willingham.

That's why she is calling on parents to help educate.

Officials say no age is ever too young when it comes to talking to your kids about sex. In fact October is "Let's Talk Month". That's why officials here at the county health department are handing out this book to help parents when it comes to "The Talk."

But student says he's active but cautious and fear is his greatest motivator.

"Afraid of catching STD's, gonorrhea. I know every time I have sex I strap up," said Prseus Lewis.