Department of Transportation elects new Planning Director

Department of Transportation officials elect new planning director. / Matt Prichard

The Georgia Department of Transportation elected a new planning director Thursday at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

"I am humbled by it, I'm appreciative of governor deal for giving me the opportunity to achieve his vision and goals for transportation.

And members of the board agree that Carr will not only achieve those goals, but take them to new heights.

"Having worked with him over the last year I am fully supportive and have no problem that he's going to be the planning director over there," said Chairman Jay Roberts.

"I think Mr. Carr is certainly one who understands and has the balance in mind of both metro Atlanta, and rural Georgia. I'm extremely optimistic with his selection," said District 152 representative, Ed Rydners.

And although the board agrees that Carr is the best man for the job, officials in Southwest Georgia also feel he'll be fair throughout the state.

"We have to have economic corridors in Southwest and Southeast Georgia to be able to give us those economic opportunities that we deserve," said Rydners.

Rynders was not alone with most of the board agreeing that it will take a statewide effort, something Carr says he is in full support of.

"The key is getting better performance, more reliability out of our transportation network, and that Georgia needs to maintain its role as a global logistics hub for commerce," said Carr.

Carr went on to say that although the appointment is flattering, he's excited to get to work changing Georgia transportation for the better.