Deerfield sticks with the GISA

Deerfield officials have announced their decision to stick with the GISA conference. / File

Below is the entire press release issued by Deerfield-Windsor School:

After much consideration, the Deerfield-Windsor School Board of Trustees has voted to continue our association with the Georgia Independent School Association for athletic and literary competition for the next two-year cycle.

The Board considered all seventeen varsity sports, one-act play, and literary competition in making its decision. Parents and head coaches were surveyed, and a Study Group examined possible Regions and Areas as well as our likely competitive situation in each activity.

Board Chair Mark Lane said, "Deerfield-Windsor is in a unique geographical location for an independent school. Although there are numerous GISA member schools nearby, the nearest GHSA independent school is 80 miles away. We are a private school and believe that the GISA serves our overall needs at this time. We will continue to monitor our competitive situation over the next two years, and the Board will again consider our membership in 2015."

DWS Headmaster Dave Davies commented that, "we are concerned about all of the uncertainties in the GHSA at the present time. The public/private split is less than a year old and is tenuous at best, talk of a possible enrollment multiplier has been considered by State legislators, and our Region cannot be determined. In many of our athletic and literary programs, the level of competition in the GISA is more than sufficient to challenge our athletes and students. In those sports where we are more dominant, we will work harder to find opponents, including those out of state, who will challenge our teams."

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