Deerfield lunch coordinator retiring after 44 years

Dot Eames is retiring as Deerfield Windsor's Lunch Coordinator after working there since 1967

After working in the Deerfield Windsor Cafeteria since the school opened in 1967, Dot Eames is retiring.

A ceremony was held for her this afternoon where students past and present said goodbye to their beloved lunch coordinator. Signs hung around the cafeteria reading "We'll miss your food!"

"When they said that they were going to do this thing I said, 'Why? There won't be but a handful of people.' And I just can't believe it," says Eames.

During retirement, Eames says she will take care of her ill husband and visit relatives around the state.

She says she stayed for so long at Deerfield Windsor because of the love from the students.

"I will miss everyone and even these walls," says Eames.

Eames's daughter, who is a baker in Atlanta and has been featured on the Food Network, made a cake for the celebration.