Deen museum to include nightmare month

Paula Deen Museum to include publicity nightmare for franchise. / From file

The Albany Paula Deen Museum was cruising along to opening day when suddenly their plans were thrown for a loop amidst a publicity nightmare for the Deen franchise.

Deen has drawn public criticism for her use of several racial slurs during a court disposition for an ongoing civil court case with an employee.

Despite that though, officials that are heading up the museum say not only are they continuing forward with the project, but their also incorporating the month long controversy into the museum.

"I think this can turn around and be a learning moment for everybody, but that's one of the reasons I'm absolutely adamant about moving forward with this. This that she's going through now, that's part of her name and it will be part of the museum," said Albany business owner, BJ Fletcher.

Fletcher says Albany and the nation will eventually forgive the cooking legend and hopes that time will sooner rather than later.

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