Decision to close processing plant may come sooner

Albany's processing plant on Slappey Boulevard may be consolidated with the one in Tallahassee, Florida / Ashley Knight

A decision to close the Albany postal processing plant may come sooner than expected.

Assistant Dougherty County Administrator Michael McCoy sat in on a webinar by the US Postal Service which stated that employees would be notified of their employment status February 23.

Albany's processing plant is in danger of being consolidated with the one in Tallahassee, Florida.

Commissioners, meanwhile, thought they had more time to sway the decision.

"We were under the impression much earlier that it would be mid-May before the decision was made and now they'll be informing postal workers next week!" says Commissioner Gloria Gaines.

If consolidation goes through, the postal service would save $3.5 million.

Once a decision is announced, changes will be implemented May 15.

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