Decision on Sylvester Housing Authority Director sticks

Several residents upset with decision on Sylvester Housing Director Steve Bennett. / Matt Prichard

Former Sylvester Housing Authority Director Steve Bennett was terminated last week much to the outrage of local citizens.

Monday, Sylvester Mayor Bill Yuerta called a special meeting to address the decision.

Yuerta spoke to the packed board room citing his appreciation for their concern, but also his support for the board's decision.

Bennett had been terminated due to an audit that revealed he had not returned funds after a business related trip.

Mayor Yuerta says despite the unrest from local citizens, he's confident a suitable replacement can be found.

"I think the board will diligently find someone to replace Mr. Bennett, that will continue to do a good job. And the city will see that it's done," said Yuerta.

Despite those words of confidence, most in attendance left early still upset with the decision, remarking that Bennett was "the best man for the job."

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