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      Debris scattered along Oakland Road

      Straight line winds knocked down trees and scattered debris all throughout the area Thursday night.

      Landscapers at Oakland Lodge on Oakland Road in Lee County said they had about seven trees down and too many branches to count were scattered throughout the yard.

      Fortunately the Lodge, which is being renovated into a home, was not hit at all.

      Lee Country Public Works crews worked around the clock cleaning debris in and along roadways.

      "We had two loaders running last night picking up some of the larger trees and cleaning up some of the roadways and then this morning when the other crews arrived, we got immediately to work on picking up these limbs and getting it cleaned up," said Jason Scott, an equipment operator with Lee County Public Works.

      Scott says none of the trees hit any buildings or homes.

      One tree along Oatland Road fell just under power lines, but the neighbors say they only lost power for a few minutes Thursday night.

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