Debate doesn't change Albany votes

The final Presidential debate didn't change Albany voters minds. / From file

The final Presidential debate was held Monday night as thousands of Americans tuned in to hear Governor Mitt Romney, and President Barack Obama present their final arguments before the November 6th election.

In our Facebook Story of the Day we asked local Albany residents if the debate changed their opinion, or if they'd already made up their mind before it started.

"It didn't change my opinion, I'd already decided who I was going to vote for, and I just finished voting for that person," said Albany resident, Kenneth Stutely.

"I don't think it really matters, everyone's mind is already made up, but I hope everyone will get out and vote," said Putney resident, Louise Terry.

"By the time the debate came last night everyone had already made up their minds, some people just want to be mysterious, some people just want to be with the unknown," said Albany resident, Troy Smith.

"No, the debate just made me realize I was right with who I had first chosen," said Albany resident, Adrienne Wilson.

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