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      Deal asks Barnes to disclose court case information

      Earlier this week, candidate and Former Governor Roy Barnes requested Republican gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal to release his 2010 tax return forms amid controversy regarding building leases with the state of Georgia.

      Now, Deal is asking Barnes to disclose how many trials he won as an attorney under judges he appointed. Barnes says he and his team found there was one situation like this. Barnes says the insurance company involved in the case was ordered to pay $400,000 and was satisfied with the outcome.

      I wouldn TMt try anything before a judge I TMd appointed for two or three years " remember, these cases are assigned on a random basis " but when we went back and looked, it appeared there was one case I tried a jury verdict before a judge I TMd appointed, says Barnes.

      Deal has released the first two pages of his tax forms. Barnes says not only does Deal have a no-bid monopoly contract with a salvage company, he says Deal was also leasing a building to the state of Georgia. Barnes says Deal received $4,000 a month for this, adding that he needs to come clean.