Deadly driving delivers ticket

A woman shares her concerns over how police handle emergency medical situations while out on the road.

Stephanie Freeman and her husband Christopher were out running errands one afternoon, when he suddenly felt a sharp pain.

"When he says my chest is hurting, I'm panicking that means get me to the hospital," said Stephanie Freeman.

That's when the trouble began, as the two took off driving when they suddenly saw a Dougherty County Police car, motioning for them to pull over.

"Already had my insurance card, drivers license ready--handed it to him, he asked for his ID, he waited a minute--went back and ran the numbers, waited a minute, then he finally called the paramedics," said Freeman.

From there Freeman and her husband waited for the ambulance to arrive. And although they aren't thrilled with how long it took, authorities say that's the protocol.

"We'll either call an ambulance to the scene, or we'll tell you to proceed at a normal speed and don't break anymore traffic laws," said Dougherty County Police Captain, Tom Jackson.

Freeman thinks though that when someone is in a life-and-death situation, police need to be helping a bit more.

"We do not provide escorts for that purpose, because it's a liability on us, and if we let them continue speeding--well now that's another liability on us because now we've condoned that behavior," said Captain Jackson.

And officers also have to be wary of those that are just trying to avoid a ticket.

"We've had it actually happen here recently where we've had an ambulance come out, assess the patient there's nothing wrong with them, and the driver happens to have a suspended license," said Captain Jackson.

But Freeman, still isn't satisfied.

"People may lie to get out of a ticket, but an $89 dollar ticket while he's running up thousands in medical costs? Come on, it could've been handled a whole lot different.

Despite those arguments, the department stands firm, saying an officer of the law relies on judgment during every call.

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