DCSS to begin contract negotiations for new superintendent

On Monday night, the Dougherty County School Board selected who they wanted as the next superintendent.

Kenneth Dyer has been with DCSS for the past six years as the Chief Financial Officer but has more than 15 years of experience in education.

“From a finance perspective, I’m a firm believer that you can’t manage the resources and recommend allocation of resources in the organization, if you don’t understand the core business of that organization. So I made it a point to get neck deep, so to speak, in the business of education. Learning school improvement process, the curriculum and instruction process so that I would have an understanding of the core business of the school system” said Dyer.

The next step in officially naming Dyer to the role is contract negotiations.

The board will put together a committee that will go through those negotiations with Dyer, then they'll bring the contract to the board at a meeting for consideration of approval.

Dyer said he'd heard talk about him possibly being up for the positon prior to the meeting, but was surprised when the decision was actually made.

"[I’ve been] a bit overwhelmed by that outpouring of support. I’m humbled by the board’s confidence in me and I certainly appreciate it and if everything comes to fruition I look forward to serving the students of the Dougherty County School System," said Dyer. “[The] primary objective is to do what’s in the best interest of the kids every time and you can’t go wrong with doing that.”

The next two board meetings are February 22 and March 13.

Dyer said it’s possible that a final agreement could be made some time in between then.

If everything goes through, Dyer is expected to begin as superintendent on July 1.

He would be taking over for Dr. David Mosley who has served as superintendent since February 2013.

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