DCSS: Requested information shipped to the GABOE

Educators, parents and students attend the Dougherty County School Board meeting. / Jessica Fairley

Before Monday's Dougherty County School Board meeting Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree took time to answer questions and provide explanations to the public on issues surrounding the misuse of Title I funds.

Dr. Murfree explained that school system staff members have and will comply with the Georgia Board of Education.

Requested information about the misuse of more than $100,000 in Title I funds has already been sent to state officials.

"My staff in federal programs have done an excellent job. Dr. Graper and her staff worked all last week and even through Saturday. They sent over 36.4 pounds of data. Data that has substance not just information but from fiscal year 2011," says Dr. Joshua Murfree, DCSS Superintendant.

Murfree says over the last three years there has been a 99%accuracy rate when it comes to federal programs.

Kenneth Dyer, DCSS Finance Director, says similar Saturday Academy programs have been used in neighboring counties without any complaints. He says the Title I money was initially approved by the GABOE officials.