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      DCSS provides answers to the public's questions

      The Dougherty County School Board met at the Government Center on Thursday evening for an information session regarding possible school closures in the county.In early February, the board held two public hearings to get the public's input on the proposed closure of Magnolia Elementary, Sylvester Road Elementary and Dougherty Middle. Throughout the hearings, residents expressed their dislike of the plan, mostly commenting on the fact that they felt the east side of town was being targeted.After the hearings, both the school board and Kimberly-Horn and Associates, who collected the data and presented the proposal, took in the public's suggestions, complaints and more to provide the informational session.During the session, the same data was presented for anyone who wasn't up to date on numbers, such as the amount that would be saved from the closures. Next, new information was presented that told residents what the outcomes of the options they suggested would be.Joyce Polite-Davis says she came out to hear the new information and show the board she still cares.

      Polite-Davis says she understands something needs to be done but she hopes the board is willing to compromise with the public to come to the best outcome.At the end of the session, each board member was given a chance to ask Kimberly-Horn and Associates consultant Eric Bosman what the pros and cons of certain options would be.Board members are currently finishing up their questions and plan to go back and take in all of the information presented to come to a decision somewhere down the road.

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