DCSS plans to sell unknown plot of land

DCSS officials recommend the selling of some land that they didn't even know they owned. / From file

Dougherty County School System, Building and Ground officials met this morning to discuss a plot of land that they didn't even know they owned.

The acre of land sits at the corner of Nelms Road and Percy Hatcher Road about 12-miles from the district offices in Downtown Albany.

A land owner in the area was interested in buying the plot, and sought out the owner. That just happened to be the Dougherty County School System, who now say they're thrilled for the chance to sell off this small piece of land.

"There's nothing we can really do with the land and we think it may have been deeded to us some time ago. So the facilities committee has recommended to the board that we sell the land for 2,330 dollars to the interested buyer," said Executive Director for Finance and Operations, Kenneth Dyer.

Dyer also says that with the land being so far outside their normal school zoning areas, selling is the best course of action to add a tiny amount of capitol back into the budget.

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