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      DCSS officials plan to get lost money back

      Dougherty County School System Officials say despite an overpayment for the Drop Back Academy that cost them $250,000, they believe there is still a need for the program within the community.Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Ufot Inyang met with representatives from Alternatives United who runs the academy and presented his findings to the Instructional Accountability Committee on Monday afternoon saying there is a need and a future with the company.Dr. Inyang says the school system, however does plan on approaching the company to rectify the wrong and enter into an agreement to recoup some, if not all of the money.Although some of the board members felt the company took advantage of the school district, Dr. Inyang says he truly believes the repayment was an oversight and unintentional.Officials plan to carefully reword and put barriers in place for any future contract to prevent a similar situation from reoccurring and say they will continue to look at the need for the academy in the future.