DCSS meets with state legislators

Photo Credit: Courtney Highfield

The Dougherty County School System met with state legislators Thursday morning to discuss concerns before the annual legislative session.

Board Chairman, Carol Tharin, expressed concerns about the short period of time they have to decide whether or not they want to be a charter school system or a traditional school system and the implications of both of these choice. Tharin says they only have 10 months to make this very complex decision.

Kenneth Dyer, the DCSS finance director, told legislators his concerns as well. The first thing he touched on was austerity cuts; he says there have been nearly $80 million austerity cuts through fiscal year 2014. Dyer also mentioned rising insurance costs. He says the employer match has increased by $1,800 per year each of the last two years and will do so again next year.

Increased funding was also brought up for things like Pre-Kindergarten and instructional technology.

The board also discussed with legislators a shortage of teachers in math and science specialties. The legislators suggested offering incentives to bring those kinds of teachers in.

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