DCSS looks to clean up the Hub and add new buses to the fleet

City and school personnel gather to discuss the addition of new buses to the fleet and issues at the hub. / Colby Gallagher

Students who are in the magnet or gifted programs in the Dougherty County School System are required to change buses at one location - which was targeted late last week.

"The hub site was vandalized where the plumbing fixtures in the restrooms were taken, leaving water running, therefore we had to shut the water off," said DCSS Assistant Superintendent Kenneth Goseer.

Goseer says just like everyone else, schools and bus sites are vulnerable to vandalism and the school system was already thinking about changing the hub's location. Now, this may affect their decision.

"We haven't discussed it to that point yet, but I'm sure it will probably have some bearing on what we decide to do with the hub site," said Goseer.

During the transportation committee's meeting Wednesday afternoon, members also proposed the purchase of ten new buses.

"The state has allocated a $25 million bond for the purchase of 328 school buses state-wide and Dougherty County has been allocated ten buses to purchase," said Transportation Director, Kenneth Williams.

The county was allocated nearly $800,000 for the buses which will cost roughly $1 million. The committee will present this option to the school board giving the department a fresh fleet.

"We would look at our inventory and determine the number of buses that we have and look at taking some of our older buses out of the fleet," said Williams.

The school system is hoping to have the new buses added to the fleet by the end of the fiscal year.