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      DCSS is in good standing with WG&L

      In March, FOX 31 first reported that the Dougherty County School System owed the Water Gas and Light Commission about $400,000 in federal e-rate payments. E-rate funds provide schools with wireless internet and other technology related items.

      The federal payments stopped because of the systems Title I expenditure problems; it was alleged that several employees TM children were receiving free or reduced lunches without qualifying for them.

      DCSS decided in March to start making payments of $60,000 a month to WG&L. As of right now they TMve paid $420,000 which includes the monthly payments they owed on top of the outstanding balance.

      Kenneth Dyer, the DCSS finance director, says WG&L is supposed to get some of that money back from the Universal Service Administrative Company and when that happens, DCSS will get money back as well.

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