DCSS Finance Committee votes on bond attorney

The school system's Finance Committee met Monday to vote on a bond attorney for the next five years

The Dougherty County School Board Finance Committee met Monday afternoon to decide who they'll recommend to the board as their bond attorney for the next five years.

The attorney will also deal with tax anticipation issues.

The committee voted two-to-one for McKenna, Long and Aldridge .

And while they weren't the lowest bid, the board says there were benefits to this choice.

"They have a lot more educational experience than the low bid, also they've asked me to look into legalities of whether we can negotiate the fee," says Director of Finance Robert Lloyd.

The bid will total $57,000 for the next five years.

Monday evening, the school board could not reach an agreement regarding the bond attorney bid.

Board Members Velvet Riggins and Carol Tharin say they should use the lowest bid ($37,000) because the school system does not need to spend an additional $20,000 for a bond attorney when faculty and staff in the school system were furloughed ten days.

Board Chairman Rev. James Bush says the $57,000 bid included a graduate from a Dougherty County high school, which is a part of why he says he recommends that bid.

Numerous motions and substitute motions were made during the public school board meeting, but an agreement could not be reached. Therefore, Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree will return to the finance committee for another recommendation.

FOX 31's Sarah Bleau contributed to this story.